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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  August 17, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. the storms rolling through
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but will the weekend? i don't think it'll be a wash out. the forecast coming up in just a minute. >> i can't see how people can hurt -- [inaudible] >> someone did. a body found in the woods now identified as a 20-year-old. her mother's call for justice. a family get closure after making sure everybody knew nah an insurance company defended the wrong person as they say. we work for you tonight with ways to get store reward points just for walking in the door. how you can get free benefits at 11 which starts right now. > showers rolled over belaire as we start the weekend. clearer skies on the wait a minute look at that. you can see the rain coming through. don't cancel any plans. mike with a look. >> we have big storms south and east town. we can see them. take a look at this storm
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toward parts of queen anne's. we will pull up the camera to show you. you can see some bolts of lightning out of the sky rights now. that is a severe storm. we have a thunderstorm warning up until 11:00. they have allowed that to discontinue but we have bad look storms as this is going to march toward the eastern shore. spot shower down toward edge mere. around harbor tunnel seeing good rain. we slide up it toward the north spot. showers north of the beltway but showers are in the mix. we will taw more about the weekend forecast. >> tonight a woman's plea. her daughter found murdered and police say that the killer is still out there. christian is in the newsroom with this story. >> reporter: police confirming that human remains found in the pasadena area are 20-year-old jessica lee of brooklyn park.
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devastating for her family especially because she leaves behind a daughter just 16 months old. she will always have the photograph. >> mommy kiss. give mommy kiss. >> reporter: but megan won't have her mother to grow up with. 20-year-old jessica lee left her home back in may, family members had been searching for her ever since. >> i thought she was just gone and she would come back. >> reporter: she didn't. then earlier this month a man found a body in the woods. lee's mother didn't want to believe it was her . >> i kept the hope up. >> reporter: on that day in may lee walked from her home to the shopper's grocery store along richie highway. the store has several cameras, police could have evidence of how she left and whether it was with someone else. her mother said she had a learning disability and didn't graduate from high school but had no enemies, no history of
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drugs or violence. >> i really believe they will find who did it. i do. when they do and i hope they put him death. >> reporter: police haven't said if they think she went anywhere else after the store before ending up in the woods, more than eight miles down the highway. her mother left to plan a funeral and eventually to try to explain to megan what happens. >> it'll hurt. i don't know how to tell her that somebody killed her mother. that's the worst part. >> reporter: tonight police are only saying they are investigating case as a homicide. if you think you may have information that may help you are asked to call the police department. live in the newsroom. abc 2news. >> sheriff's deputies and the fbi have broke especially up what they say was a kidnapping plot. 36-year-old andre flores is charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping after he allegedly tried to recute
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others to help him kidnap a 10- year-old boy. he knew the boy's family and thought he had access to large sums of money. they set up a meeting where he outlined his plan and the feds arrested him. baltimore city police have released a sketch of a man they say is scamming elderly people. do you know this guy? police say he poses as a city official claiming to collect an unpaid tax bill. we know of at least three cases, a man has threatened or attacked people in their own homes when they didn't pay. the latest was over in greek town. a woman called claiming that the person owed taxes and they were going to bee convicted. then the man shows up. anyone with information is asked to call the police. another doctor has lost his license for his alleged involvement in a pill mill. daniel alexander's license has been suspended saying he ignored red flags while giving medication to patients at the
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healthy life clinic. the patients drove hundreds of miles to get drugs for cash. he is the 4th with ties to the group who have action taken against his license. the clinic was raided in may. update to breaking news we first brought you last night on the news at 11 involving a truck crash that shut down i- 95. the driver a 34-year-old gregory watkins died there on the scene. authorities believe that one of the fuel tanks on the truck sprayed fuel everywhere. at some point they say there was a spark that set the it on fire. it was shut down for several hours. the investigation is expected to take weeks. for folks who go downtown that part of light street that was closed down is going to be back open monday morning. crews working weekend to repave it down -- the city chose to close the roadway to repair two
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pipes to rebuild the structure underneath they said for the businesses on that stretch they are all saying thank goodness to finally be over. >> it's affected the business in the fact that there are a lot of customers that have avoided the area, it's difficult to drive around, takes a lot of time to get around the block. it's hard to find entrances into the garage. there are alternate entrances but its been challenging and difficult. >> certainly has. the city transportation said barring any major issue that two block section will be open for traffic by rush hour monday morning. somebody really doesn't like speed cameras. vandals did a number on a brand new one near the high school. the lens painted over. many some say they understand. >> they can have a policeman here which they did before they
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put the camera up. the policeman did give out warning tickets and tickets but its speed cameras are just -- they are just gouging people for money. i think they are wrong. >> the purpose of the cameras is to reduce speed in school zones. that's their purpose. if you are obeying the speed limit the existence of the camera doesn't matter to you. >> this particular camera is only issuing warning tickets right now. it was put in ten days ago and it won't issue any real tickets until its been on the job about 30 days. resident insurance has settled a case with a family after a battle over a deadly car crash. matt fisher went to the social media with quotes like my sister paid the insurance to defend her killer in court. katie died in 2010 in a crash. to get the insurance company to pay they had to take the other driver to court. they say progressive spoke in defense of the other driver who
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was eventually found at fault for the crash. tonight the fishers attorney said the insurance company has settled the claim for more that whatnot they were seeking. well we are going back to the bank the ravens welcomed fans to the first home game of the season. they aren't doing so well right now. the lions up 20-9 and cheryl is there down there. a lot of people snuck out early. >> reporter: yeah. they are sneaking out. they are having to deal with some rain on and off throughout the night. we didn't see to many grills fired up for this pre-season game but we noticed before the game started was a lot of fired up fans for a season with new players and some question marks over the old ones. the bank is full of ravens fans and just like every year the characters are priceless. >> bird man.
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wishing everybody a good year. >> reporter: you got it. pat sits in section 503 with a bird on his head and that bird has been to the bowl. >> everybody pets him. feed him peanuts. i have had more drinks spilled on this bird. the bird is always drunk. >> reporter: no wonder. right next to him a game of beer among and on the other side a family has four generations piling in to an rv to celebrate the ravens first home game of the season. whale does it mean to you? >> happy. >> reporter: for the sake of being a fair reporter we gave the blue some time. don is from detroit but now calls baltimore home. >> i think the ravens are a very tough tome. they have a lot of people coming back. it'll be interesting to see how they did. >> reporter: john thinks the purple and block need work. terrell is just one problem. >> can't rush coming back
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it'll end his career. he needs to take his time and come back. >> reporter: who wants to think about injuries when you celebrate a lifetime together? >> we have been married 57 years and first time we have been to a game. >> reporter: it's the first game for this group. >> live moment. you aren't watching on tv. you get to see them all run and play and seeing them interactive. >> reporter: joe painted on legs and so is ray rice. this 11-year-old may not understand the deal but has this blay. >> he is sexy. >> reporter: yes. everybody has a different reason to catch a ravens game. it's not looking good for the team but they will have another chance that coming thursday against the jacksonville jags. back to you. >> thank you. you have them everywhere.
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reward card from stores but you can ditch them right now and still keep the savings. how you can keep getting those discounts. >> reporter: joanna gets points she can redeem at thousands of retailers just by walking into certain stores and scanning featured products using an app called shop kick. >> don't have to do anything. >> reporter: stores finding all kinds of new ways to get you in the door. some let you merge point was friends, others are partnering with other stores to combine reward points. >> using mobile, cell phone. >> reporter: the number of retailers offering special deals if you check into their store on facebook or four square is skyrocketing. so is the number that will text you coupons, soon players can stop on on sites and earn real life rewards. >> watch tv, get rewards.
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>> reporter: biggle also lets you earn points by watching tv. it listens to the show that's on, identity itself and you can cash in on gift cards and movie tickets. should you worry that what you gain you loose in privacy? >> movement most don't like to sell your information because they want to use it to get you to spend more with them. >> reporter: always read the fine print. be careful when it comes to store credit cards that offer you cash back and discounts. some will share your information with third parties, plus. >> using a credit card rewards program can cost you a lot more than the rewards you earn. it's especially if you end up carrying a balance paying interest. >> reporter: and don't forget to spend the reward points. >> do you remember the groning look or a preppy? you may have forgotten. why everything old is new general. especially when it comes to
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that stuff. so you don't wastey money. >> warning still in effect, we have big storms out there. we will show you the weekend forecast, that's coming up. . >> this is a guy i think the orioles should watch. watch this kid. the play that would make adam jones go wow. what a play. we will have more on that coming up.
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. thief in la has expensive tastes, one man went to a dealership eyeing a 2008 car with a price tag of 75,000 dollars. the suspect wanted to hear the english inge so while he opened the door the suspect stepped in and -- he took off right there. that happened one month ago and still no sign of the suspect or the car. probably get caught trying to sell it on e-bay. day at the ballpark leaves a man blind in one eye. keith said he was hit by a foul
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ball and now he can't see out of his left eye. what he can see is a medical bill over $40,000 and climbing. the ball struck his head fracturing his eye socket, nose and sinus. >> my face -- i knew what happened instantly. i knew i had been hit by the foul ball. when i went like this i couldn't believe the damage. >> wow. disclaimer on the back of every ticket warns fans to look out for fly balls. it says the team isn't liable for injuries. he said the tribe has tried to help with a big fan package. what was big in the 70s and 80's seems to be big again and now it's coming to a bar near you. john with more. >> reporter: back when your dad would driving out of a dan every night in things have changed since then or have they? a new report in time magazine said some products popular in the 50s to the 70s like dad's
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old beer cans making a big come back in 2012. it's a trendy microbreweries are canning their beers. other items making a come back, include, cigars and pipe tobacco because they aren't subject to cigarette taxes. also campers and rv's, fiat's, motorcycles for women, back to the gogo days of the 60s i suppose. guns, sales are up 10%, mostly because of the colorado shootings. wrist watches, up 22% this year. just a few years ago smart phones were supposed to make watches extinct but they are now a fashion statement and are popular again. for more of the report go to the web page and click the money tab up top so you don't wastey money. >> smile. it's good for you.
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you better. research suggests it can be beneficial mentally and physically. it helps lower your heart rate and blood pressure and forcing a smile for a comment can calm you down. if you are starting to stress out, doctors recommend smiling. combined with counting to ten and taking a few deep breaths. what will we do with the weather? >> rain. lots of rain right? >> really forcing that out. >> really want rain on the weekend. yes i do. >> okay. any way. >> you good? >> good. >> we still have storms. south and east town. annapolis, if you are watching -- look south and east. quite the lightning show. over the weatherbug camera. see if we can pull up the lightning and show you as you look real closely you see how -- how the sky lights up. the storms marching off toward the south and east. the ria car from east -- right
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down thwart queen anne. good lightning coming out of this and in fact the radar showing about four or five hundred bolts for every 15 minutes. that's a lot of lightning. earlier a thunderstorm warning but that's been discontinued. let's switch back to the other source. spotty showers north and east. here is essex in to the chesapeake. then this storm has fired off -- just toward the east. this is going to run into aberdeen, northern sections of 95 as you head toward the delaware water bridge and then here in laurel finding spotty showers down toward shady side, seeing and more showers out there. we will watch the showers and spot storms through the course of the evening. 73 degrees at the airport right now. 7 of dover. east an at 81, look north and west, frederick, hagerstown, just about 70 degrees, we will wake up to 70, lunchtime tomorrow. 75, still a lot of clouds and a
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chance of a spot shower or storm. here -- we have that warm soupy area head of this front but here is the cooler u dryer air on the back side. this is the air we tap into as we go in '2this weekend. dew point 75, compare that to 54 chicago. that indicates this dryer air that's coming down. minnesota air, minneapolis rather at this hour and chicago 64 to 67 degrees. tomorrow morning still spotty showers, south and east of town. look at the daytime highs, only into the low 80s in most locations, chance of a spot shower and watch the forecast numbers going down by tomorrow night. 61 to 65, few middle and upper 50s north and west and that will set up the nice looking day to go into sunday. here is the forecast for the overnight. 70o degrees, showers and poti storms, still a lingering shower into tomorrow morning and then a spotty storm risk south and east of the city limits, two degree guarantee
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going for 82, head down to the beach. watch the western sky, those temperatures ranging upper 70's to around 80 degrees. here is the seven day forecast. 82 tomorrow. 84 on sunday. more sun than clouds and could be spot showers by monday working back in around 82. into the 80's, by next week. >> i have a prediction here. this next play will make espn's top ten list. this is the kind of play the big leaguers are making. being in the little league -- boom. right there. you dive, make that big catch. that is what happened in the little league world series today and they slow it down and it just goes in slow motion. three more times, see if we can see it again. thomas neil made the catch and it's one of those ones you dream of that when you make the pros that's how you do it. you have been donating and we have been collecting a lot of backpacks for children to start the school year off  right. today 70 children and boys and girls clubs in middle river
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were the first to get stocked up. a bc2 ; still working to help out other children. collecting school supplies for another week. we need backpacks, books, pens, pencils, papers packs of paper and anything that you can give off to the kids. supplies can be dropped off at any of the 20 learning centers throughout the area. log on to the website, for more information. a look at night line. >> thank you. come up, from fake shoes to knock off bags, we are inside a counterfeit sting operation uncovering a under world costing americans billions. and how one healer's method is changing lives no surgery required.
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. in the short battle between baltimore and detroit detroit it winning. the ravens are going down and so did the orioles. the orioles were not able to beat up the tigers. over a questionable call. they became upset after the overturned call puts p era lts on first base after he was caught on the base. >> he could really hit that ball. i have to give it to him. students at a fitness club moving their studio by hand. they have only been open for a
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year but is expanding to a larger space. they move today. it's known as a farmer's walk. it's called that because it mimics farmers carrying buckets. he said he could have hired a moving truck but this is cheapest and he said it would be fun to train at the same time. smart guy. >> looks painful. >> especially if you carry it a long distance. >> you know tomorrow not the greatest day but not a wash out. maybe a few morning showers, spot shower and storm south and east town. about 82, sunday the pick of the weekend. 84, mix of sun and clouds, monday the showers, try to come back in. notice the temperatures, delightful. 82 to 84. >> we will be back after this.
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. ravens scored 27 -- about a minute left. that's all for you. you can get the latest online. when we aren't here you go there.
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